Anxiety and an Ordered Space

Neat desk looking out a window, with monitors and shelves (image: Vadim Sherbakov)

I do not usually suffer with anxiety – and have always been blessed to feel that I control my circumstances and environment.  That said, during this year with the constant “on again, off again” restrictions, limitations and lockdowns, I have found my anxiety levels increasing and when my environment is cluttered or disorganised, I find this increases my sense of unease.

Neat desk looking out a window, with monitors and shelves (image: Vadim Sherbakov)
A tidy and organised desk space really helps with anxiety (image: Vadim Sherbakov)

To combat these feelings, I have found that having a routine and an organised space (where I can easily access whatever I need) has helped me.  Together with making sure I am getting exercise and watching my diet – I feel better able to deal with the rest of the uncertainty that is the overriding theme for 2020.

Some of the routines I have found help me include:

  1. Making my bed each morning (so that when I come to snuggle up at night my room is tidy.)
  2. Putting washing in the hamper and ironing away so that there are no odd piles of clothes lurking.
  3. Doing dishes after each meal – there is something very satisfying about tidy kitchen surfaces.
  4. Preparing meals ahead of time (on a weekend) – less to think about during the week, especially if things have been a little busy.
  5. Unsubscribing from newsletters and communications that no longer add value to my days.  Because electronic communications do not take up physical space, it is often easy to overlook them and they can eventually weigh you down with their sheer volume.
  6. Making sure my day has a definite start and end point – so that I am not tempted into being “on” at all hours.  This sets boundaries between work and relaxation and allows me to fully relax after work.

What are the routines or tips that have helped you through this crazy year?