Organising Myths

  • You should know how to manage your time well, keep your calendar up to date always, create organising systems and maintain them perfectly and smoothly run a household no matter what size
  • There are no negative consequences – for yourself or others in your life by being disorganised
  • Organisers are only hired by lazy people
  • Struggling with getting and/or staying organised means that there is something wrong with me
  • It is a luxury to hire an organiser
  • The right gadget, tool, container or space are all I need to solve my organising dilemmas
  • When I have time, I will get organised
  • I need to figure out the “right way” to organised my possessions
  • My space (house/flat) is too small to be organised
  • Those I live with don’t want to be organised, so I can’t be either
  • Reading (or rereading) the “right” organising book will solve the problem

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