Welcome To your world – organised.

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Clear spaces leave room to breath

“Stuff is not passive. Stuff wants your time, attention, allegiance. But you know it as well as I do, life is more important than the things we accumulate.” from Dave Bruno, the author of The 100 Thing Challenge.

Do you always feel like you can’t find your stuff?

Do you have too much stuff?
Then you are at the right place to start making a change…


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Meet the Team

Awesome Organising is a collaboration between the Mom and Son team of Anni and Dayne Williams who aim to make your life simpler, less cluttered and infinitely more comfortable.

Anni is a Wits graduate with many years of local and international experience as a project manager in both small and large organisations both here and in the UK.

Dayne is a qualified event manager who is taking the skills learnt in this arena and applying them to professional organising.

They both love animals and are avid supporters of charities such as Kitty and Puppy Haven, Animal Ambulance and the SPCA.

Anni is also a keen supporter of The Pink Drive – South Africa’s leading breast cancer charity.

Services Offered

Organising & Decluttering — home or office, size is no limitation

Organising & Decluttering – photographs, both physical and digital

Assessment of Productivity and action plans for improvement

Storage solutions — long term storage for both seasonal and seldom used items, accessible but out of site options

Moving — downsizing, organising, coordinating your move, relocation

Senior services — retirement downsizing and organising personal property

Hobbies & Collections – organising for maximised enjoyment and display

Digital solutions —organising systems for email, documents, videos, etc

Time Management — goal setting, action plans, prioritisation, managing distractions

Contact us for further information on how we can help you.


Why an Organiser

I have been asked time and again “But why should I use a Professional Organiser?”  The answer has many facets to it – and I will go into some of them below.  Hopefully, the answers I give – will give you an indication of whether or not you need the services of an organiser.

income tax, papers, clutter
Not being able to find things is frustrating


Professional organisers are the souls of discretion – there is nothing we probably haven’t seen or dealt with before.  Your nail polish collection that would rival Imelda Marco’s shoe collection?  No problem.  National Geographic from before Noah’s Ark was built – done that.

No professional worth their salt would divulge their client’s secrets.  We sort through it (including the emotions that go with the collection) and either junk it, sell it or donate it – whichever makes the most sense.

NO time

We are all time poor these days in a world that demands our attention 24/7/365 but consider the impact of constantly searching for things you know you own or have purchased?  Have you ever gone to the cupboard to put away that new whatever only to find you own 2 or 3 already?

By working with an organiser you will free yourself from that mountain of guilt over purchasing and repurchasing the same items over and over again.  You will also make time because you will know where to find what you are looking for – easily.

It’s too expensive

In a similar vein to number 2 – how much money have you spent on duplicates or triplicates (or more) of things you already have?  Do you really need 3 garlic presses or 4 pairs of black trainers?  What could you do with the money you save – a weekend away? A romantic date night with your partner?

The cost of hiring a professional organiser is offset by the savings you make – both monetary as well as in time and the freedom to not have to chase around looking for stuff – you know where to find it.

If any of the above resonates with you – why not head over to our Contacts page and get in touch.  We are always happy to help.